Daughters of the World

Coming up 8th of March 2022

”We were more or less orphans, and we decided to more or less save the world.”

The Daughters of the World is a brave utopia set in The Earth Home, where people are equal, nature is healing, and capitalism has been smashed. The journey of five girls is a mirage of an adventure novel, a modern take on friendship and a visionary study on a better world.

They meet at the Harmony Camp for the Lonely. Lise-Lotte’s parents were taken by Nunezia fever, Kaia is grieving for her family, and Ritva is pissed off by The Earth Home’s hypocritical atmosphere. Zerinda’s brain is torn by her ancestress’ memories from the edge of the apocalypse, and she’s not sure whether she still holds the ownership of her mind. Joselina’s brother has died in an attack of mysterious mechanical insects, and together the five girls set out to find the truth. Fighting and dancing, they are lead on by the mystery, through the wonders of The Earth Home.

Enoranta’s vision of the future is dazzling in it’s life force, restoring the reader’s ability to dream.

Publisher: WSOY
Year: 2022
Formats: Book, Audio Book, E-book
Cover: Riikka Turkulainen