Awards and nominations

Laivakello Award nomination 2024

Laivakello Award nomination 2020

WSOY Literature Foundation Award 2018


Daughters of the World

Topelius Prize nomination 2023

Young Aleksis Prize 2023


Summer Storm
The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize nomination 2021
Finlandia Prize for Best Children’s/YA title nomination 2020


The Burnind Dark
Finlandia Prize for Best Children’s/YA title of the Year 2018
Finland’s Storytel Awards nomination 2020
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2019


The Peculiar Life of Josir Jalatva
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2018


The Sorrow-deer Tamer
Finlandia Prize for Best Children’s/YA title nomination 2015
Topelius Prize 2016
Finnish Literary Export Prize nomination 2016
Tampere City Literary Award 2015
Blogistania Kuopus Award 2015
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2016


The Nettler Revolt
Tampere City Literary Award 2013
Topelius Prize nomination 2014
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2014


Sweet Haven of Nightmares
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2013


The Death of Giselle
Runeberg Prize nomination 2012


A Broken Child Sleeps
Tampere City Literary Award 2010


The Monarch of Omenmea
Finlandia Prize for Best Children’s /YA title nomination 2009
Kuvastaja Prize nomination 2010


Daughters of the World, WSOY 2022

Summer Storm, WSOY 2020

The Burning Dark, WSOY 2018

The Peculiar Life of Josir Jalatva, Robustos 2017

The Sorrow-deer Tamer, WSOY 2015

The Nettler Revolt, WSOY 2013

Sweet Haven of Nightmares, WSOY 2012

The Death of Giselle, Robustos 2011

A Broken Child Sleeps, Robustos 2010

Monarch of the Omenmea, Robustos 2009


With her latest novel, Siiri Enoranta shows she is among the best modern writers in Finland. – – the book is a masterpiece broader than a novel for young adults.

Stina Alapirtti, Aamulehti newspaper


“Enoranta’s writing is beautiful, playful, light and wise. Enoranta is not only one of the finest voices in Finnish youth literature but also an exceptionally interesting author on an international scale.”

Arla Kanerva, Helsingin sanomat newspaper


From the beginning to the final sentence, the book maintains a controlled elegance like a piece of classical music.”

Siniset helmet blog

Siiri Enoranta’s creativity seems to know no boundaries. Again and again she surprises her readers by constructing a brand new setting and utilising the hybridian vast field of fantasy literature for her own original purposes.”

Päivi Heikkilä-Halttunen, Lastenkirjahylly blog

Latest Book

Daughters of the World, WSOY 2022

”We were more or less orphans, and we decided to more or less save the world.”

The Daughters of the World is a brave utopia set in The Earth Home, where people are equal, nature is healing, and capitalism has been smashed. The journey of five girls is a mirage of an adventure novel, a modern take on friendship and a visionary study on a better world.

They meet at the Harmony Camp for the Lonely. Lise-Lotte’s parents were taken by Nunezia fever, Kaia is grieving for her family, and Ritva is pissed off by The Earth Home’s hypocritical atmosphere. Zerinda’s brain is torn by her ancestress’ memories from the edge of the apocalypse, and she’s not sure whether she still holds the ownership of her mind. Joselina’s brother has died in an attack of mysterious mechanical insects, and together the five girls set out to find the truth. Fighting and dancing, they are lead on by the mystery, through the wonders of The Earth Home.

Enoranta’s vision of the future is dazzling in it’s life force, restoring the reader’s ability to dream.

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